Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm ready for my comeback

So I have had empty shops for a few months now because I needed to concentrate on my school and I am finally done and ready to start filling my shop with goodies again. I guess the timing is perfect for those of us who are doing early Christmas shopping. I have so many ideas swirling through my head; jewelry ideas, crocheted hats and bags, journals, cards. Sometimes they get so jumbled and overwhelming that I end up doing nothing because I cant sort them out. I hate it when that happens. I guess I just need to start at the start. I will clean my studio and organize the supplies that I managed to stock up on during my hiatus; supplies that I bough and threw into the room without looking so to not get distracted by the beauty of the mess. I have renewed a few item that don't need to be rephotographed or edited and they barely got any views but I won't let that discourage me...yet.