Sunday, March 22, 2009

A long overdue introduction

It is way overdue but I must introduce you to my new baby, my new shop Hookzilla. I birthed her on December 3rd but she was not really up and running until January.

There is where you will find my crochet (and maybe eventually knit) creations. I have been crocheting for a really long time but I let it go for a while and now I am back and that is pretty much all I do. A hook and a ball of yarn is with me at all times because you never know if I will end up in a 5 hour traffic jam or locked in a department store with nothing to do. You never know, my greatest creation could come out of one of those situations.

I have also created Alice

And Bella

To help me model my hats. If you know Twilight you know who "Alice" and "Bella" are.

Anyway, You will find things like hats, fingerless gloves, coffee cozies, market bags, wash cloths, lip balm holders, felted bowls and many other crochet and felted items.

So everyone listen carefully. Walk slowly and in an orderly fashion to and grab yourself a treat for being good girls and boys. No need to run or push, there is enough to go around.