Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taking a small break from selling and Etsy.

So after a lot of thought I have decided to take a break from promoting and selling my products. I have started school full time doing a 9 month medical transcribing course and it is really kicking my ass like nobody's business. But ya know what I love it! I am learning so much and I feel so much smarter every day. When it is all over in September (as long as I pass all of my classes) I hope to work from home as a medical transcriber. I am really looking forward to that day.

Another reason that I have decided to step back from my shops is because I would like to rethink my products and style and come back in with a fresher outlook and style. There are so many awesome artists on and the competion is fierce. I am not completely happy with my sales so I need to re-evaluate things and come back with a new approach that will catch your eye.

Just for the record. I do still have items listed in my shops and will still ship promptly to all buyers.

The part that kills me is staying away from the forums. They suck me is so much that I had to quit looking and participating in the forums all together. Well maybe not ALL together. I still log on about once or twice a week as a treat for myself but that compared to being logged on all day every day... well, lets just say I had the shakes for about 1 week.

So for a while, instead of talking/bragging :o) about my own products here, I want to put my fellow artists out there for every one to see. I think it will be fun and I think that I will have to do more shopping on Etsy so that I can really know the products that I will be talking about, that will be the hardest part :o).


Manda said...

hey, i know how you feel...i've been tempted to do the same thing myself. i just can't do it! i bet it's hard to juggle etsy and school. i didn't know about etsy when i was in college. it's good thing. i wouldn't have gotten any of my school work done! :)

Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

I found you! I'm on an etsy vacation too. I'm working on some new designs and spring cleaning. I'll be peeking in to check on you.