Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some people have it all...

Looks, talent, personality.
I am talking about a husband and wife duo who have shops on Etsy.com that I have had the privilege to meet and purchase from. I met Patricia (Raven) and her hubby Mikie at a little craft show that I did a few weeks before Christmas of '07. I was just walking by, scoping out the competition when one of Mikie's prints caught my eye. I loved all of them and asked him if he could make me a special order. He sweetly said yes and I proceeded to take a wiff of some of Ravens candles. Holy crap they smell so good!

A couple weeks after Christmas I met them for coffee and to pick up the special order that Mikie made for me and to grab some soy candles from Raven. Well this is what Mikie came up with:

Are you kidding me!!! I love it so much! I love Wonder Woman. She is my childhood idol and Mikie knocked it out of the park.

Then I took home the candles that I picked out of Ravens stash and lit the Apple Blossom one right away. It has an awesome cinnamony spicy sweet smell that fills the whole house but does not over power. And when she says that they last 100 hours, she is not kidding. These babies really do last forever. As I type I am burning the Ginger spice scented one and I think that I am in love. I loved the last one and this one is even better. It is perfect for spring.

And the icing on the cake is that they are incredibly nice people and even worse, they are both hot as hell!!!

Some people just have it all right?

Get some awesome soy candles at Raven's shop, RavenX.etsy.com
And then go buy some colorful, beautiful prints from Mikie's shop, mikiep.etsy.com


TexasTesla said...

I love that print! Captures the essence of childhold dreaming...must go see if he can make a "princess leia" one for my daughter.

Raven said...

Awww, yer just the sweetest sweetie! Thanks so much from me and Mikiep for this feature and all the super nice things you said. It's the best!

...and we feel that you have it all too, with so much talent and such a beautiful family!

We hope you can all come to our LA art show in 2 weeks too!


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